Rednecks, Chertsey

Mickey Page

The Chertsey Rednecks celebrated the night with Micky Page, who hails from Southampton, and at first it seemed strange with no musical instruments about, Nicky just singeing to good backing tracks. His good, clear voice made up for this and the music tracks provided a regular sound, perfect for the award winning instructor and her team Judy Baily, who, with many regulars were dancing and enjoying a very good night of country music, and an excellent repertoire.

nded repertoire is Love Trip, Loving All Night and Gentle On My Mind, mostly happy Lyrics  and sing alongs like Devil Woman, California Blues and an Alabama song, which is very dear to me because I have the privilege of have heard the group Alabama perform this in their own state Alabama!, High Cotton.

More fun songs were I Don’t look Good Naked Anymore, and Tell Your Boobs to Stop Looking at My Eyes from the Bellamy Brothers.

More upmarket music with Penny Arcade, You Gave Me A Mountain To Climb and a cappella showing off his beautiful voice It’s Over.

H-Bar-C, Arborfield

The Westons

The Westons, the 2 brothers, Cliff and Paul, and the latter’s wife, the very talented Debbie made  return visit to the H-Bar-C on the first date of September and made it again a night to remember! Mostly popular songs, with all three harmonising and taking in turns lead vocals. of course their instrumentals, all three guitars with the addition of Cliff playing steel guitar.

The group played many easy listening numbers, just right for many of the fans. Beginning their fast repertoire with Back In Love By Monday, Blue Blue Memory and Peaceful Easy Feeling sums up their flow of music of the night, variation for listeners and dancers alike. They took it in turn to sing the lead vocals, and their harmonies were perfect, with two strong male voices and Debbie’s beautiful clear voice. Many old classics were revived, Half Way To Paradise, King Of The Road and Burning Love. Debbie’s version of Girl Crush pleased everyone. Ending this night was Walk Of Life and encored with Remember When.

Paul told us about a charity he was working with, for the rare illness Behcet’s Syndrome and from which he suffers. Thanks to them, his blood inflammations are now greatly suppressed. He and Debbie have dedicated themselves to raising £10,000 for the charity and will running two extra day events next year.

Snake Oil Band

Snake Oil Band, a five piece band from Southampton area with Paul on lead guitar and vocals, David on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Tom on bass, Dan on steel and Steve on drums returned to the H-Bar-C. They are a very lively Tex-Mex band. I remember them being good before, this night with perfect guitar play from Paul and good vocals from David, they were excellent. Of course the dancers, as always packed the floor (no line dancers in this club) but many were sitting and listening to enjoy.

Many popular songs, Hey Good Looking, Seminole Wind and Folsom Prison were varied by some more rare numbers, Highway Patrol and Sea Cruise.

With songs, Drinking Bone, Copperhead Road, South Of The Border they brought some nostalgia back. but with their own stamp.

We saw Ian Highland as guest again this night and taking the ladies to the floor several times. Cherokee Boogie was an over time last number with the welcome encore My Old Man The Blues.

Godz, Farnborough

Chris Harris

The new club in Queens Mead, Farnborough, Hants called the Godz, was opened by Rosie, who also runs the successful club in Normandy British Legion near Guildford. It debuted the the first class Country artist, Martin Jaye, who had just finished a three days tour in Birmingham, also very popular with the line dancers and listeners alike.

It was a good attendance for the first night, and everybody had a great time.

Martin had started the night of with a Don Williams song, First Fool In Line, dedicating it to the recently deceased Legend. It brought the dancers on the floor from note One.

Many popular songs followed, Silver Wings, Tequila Sunrise, Devil Woman and Margaritaville. The dancers had a ball! even dancing the Gay Gordons!


It was so good to welcome Kelly and Michael Cobbett and Brian Cox with Sylvia from Sylvan Promotions as guests to the new club. Kelly did not need much persuasion to get on stage and join Martin for a few songs: 7 Chevrolets, Loving All Night and Gypsy Queen.

On request from Jane,  Martin sang Tennessee Whiskey. Thens he told me, Just for Me! my all time favourite, as an encore, The Bellemys Beautiful Body.

Rosie’s, Normandy

Billy Bubba King

A change of act brought us the lovely Billy Bubba King from Norfolk, he travelled down just for this one date, First I ever saw him, he wast a very young artist playing drums with his father John C King and sister Angie, at the old Henley Theatre. Now all three are still very active on the scene, playing solo or Angie goes out as a duo.

Starting the night with Little Yellow Blanket, Disappearing Taillights and then the lovely song Closer, which brought the line dancers on the floor from  the start.

Billy sang many slow sad songs, Where Corn Don’t Grow, The Cowboy Rides Away, and Remember When in Succession. Later we heard another George Straight song The Chair. Gypsy Queen and Billy Be Bad as encore, finished off a good night. I was please that Billy posted me on Facebook that he go home alright, because it was a long slog after playing three sets of Country Music.

Peter Shaw

Another date at Rosie’s was the following week with Peter Shaw from Accrington, who we had not seen for many years, we think it was in Ayr, Scotland at the popular Butlins Festivals. He soon proved that he was an ace with the dancers, getting them going straight away. It always amazes me how the dancers keep on going, the energy and fun steps and movements

with attitude! Sadly I can no longer join them, but do enjoy very much listening to good music, and that was what Peter gave us, very good tracks and instrumentals, and  wonderful clear voice, which hit the high notes!

Mixing old, Rhinestone Cowboy with newer songs, Talk Is Cheap, Later Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed, King Of The Road with Winner In A Loosing Game and Heaven In My Woman’s Eyes.

Talking to Peter he told us that his current CD is sold out, but he will get some more, and a new CD is planned to come soon!

Full time music, with very little chat, made the night pass by very fast, and then back home. I noticed that many fans came to say thanks for the music before leaving!

Country Line Club, Slough

Kay D

The Country-Line CMC, run by Roy Simmons were very privileged to have the wonderful Kay D performing at their club, because the previous week she suffered a very bad cold and she was still recovering, so we could not have our usual welcoming hug. She was also having a welcome drink of fresh water while performing.

This did not deter from her excellent performance  I have known Kay since she was a teenager and always admired her talent and clear voice. also her personality is very good and has won the heart of DJ Lee Kitchin! Good Luck to you two!

Just mentioning some of her repertoire this night, Kay started off, while playing her guitar with Gypsy Queen, a bit later we heard and many danced to Lay Low, C’Est a Vie, Walk In The Room and Love Somebody Like You.

More love songs were Loving All Night and Unlove You.

Expert line dance instructor and writer of many dances A.A.J.D quickly taught Lookout Heart, and dances enjoying himself and we even saw him partner dancing with Lee, which was recorded and shown next day on social media!

More good tunes followed, Mr Man In The Moon, Little Yellow Blanket and Talk Is Cheap.

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