Rednecks, Chertsey

Warren de Witt

Chertsey Redneck is still going strong and had the Voice of Country Music, Mr Warren Dewitt, performing to a dancing and listening audience.

Touring from the flowing county of Lincs, he was happy to sing for the appreciating fans, just with his backing tapes, singing a very good repertoire, mostly popular but with a few rare songs included.

Starting of the night with Turn Me Loose, Set Me Free, brought award winning line dance instructor, Judy Baily and her gang straight on the floor.

This was followed by an oldie, Lord I Hope This Day Is Good, then another classic, Silver Threads And Golden Needles and Just Call Me Lonesome.

It was a night of nostalgia with Good Hearted Woman and later Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms.

The night finished with a couple of gospel songs, I Saw The Light and Will The Circle Be Unbroken, which reminded me strongly of the Country Gent, George Hamilton IV

We saw lovely Chloe Moore, from Gone Country, taking videos which were on line when we got back home!

The following day Judy Baily wrote on Facebook Social Media, and I have permission to copy her remarks:

“Love his voice, Love his warm persona, and his Country Music repertoire are the best, Warren Dewitt. Thank you for a fantastic night at the Chertsey Rednecks. Loved the Gene Autry and Charlie Walker songs. We certainly had a wonderful evening of pure Country Music!

Thank you to Cliff Kent and Chloe Moore for hosting yesterday (hope you are feeling better Stu Edwards)

Love this friendly little club, Thank you Strait Lines for helping to support it.”

H-Bar-C, Arborfield

3rd & Lyndsley

Roland wants nothing but the best bands at the H-Bar-C, and proved it again at the first date in October with the 3rd & Lindsley coming all the way from Leicester area. They were Paul Bell on lead vocals and guitar, with his wife Rayna supporting him with doing the managing, Steve Preston on lead guitar, Glyn Bevans on bass, Ryan Lockwood on fiddle and Ian McKay on drums.

They started the night with Toes, which got the dancers on the floor straight from the start. (No line dancers in this club!)

They had a very good repertoire and put their own touch to every song, Ring of Fire was played at a very slow tempo and Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys was a lovely Waltz! The number Free As He’ll Ever Be was new to me followed by the very classic Peaceful Easy Feeling.

The second set started with Hey Good Looking, then 5 O’Clock Somewhere and I Love This Bar. This was the quality of they music, mostly popular and sing along with a solid sound of instrumental music!

God Bless Texas finished off a very good night.

Long Haul

The five piece band from Brighton, Long Haul made a return visit to the  H-Bar-C  and played their own kind of country music, a very good variety of songs, very much in their own style. That got the people listening and not dancing at times, when they were giving us a beautiful ballad, but also taking to the floor when their uptempo music was played. Members and music was from Simon Sparrow, who played rhythm guitar and sang lead vocals, Duncan James was on lead guitar, Scott Warman on large double bass, François on steel (I remembered this gent from the band Diablos) and drums was by Rob Renny.

They started the night of with All My Exes, a bit later one of several waltzes South Of Cincinnati. Back in time they played Lay That Pistol Down as was Hickory Wind. Their songs were short and powerful with a lot of sound from all their instruments, very much like I remember them in the old days of country music.  François delighted us all with their own instrumental, Haulin’. It was a night of different music, with their own flavour of sound as they played their own songs, but very good and we left very satisfied.

Mick’s, Farnborough

Chris James

Held at the Bingo Hall called Godz Bingo in Farnborough, I learned the the title of the country club there is officially called Michaels Place, Michael being Rosie’s Husband! Music was with Chris James, we saw the previous week performance with Brian Cox at Rosie’s in Normandy. So we knew we were in for a good night again, with fantastic guitar work and good vocals.

It was a small attendance, but still enough to get the party going and Chris soon created a very good atmosphere! With songs, Summer Time Blues, Soon, Real Deal and the pop song Only 16, it was sing along as well as dancing!

A very outstanding instrumental was called Il Silensio, which was overpowering!! With 7 Nights To Rock and the encore Jambalaya, we had enjoyed another great night of Music!

Rosie’s, Normandy

Rosie’s again and this time for her coming of age Birthday Party, her 65th!

Music came from the duo No Regrets, Local lad Bob Common with all the way from Scotland, Vic Oakley, with only one more gig on the way home, he came a long way to perform.

As the case was, it was also the Birthday of Bob Common and it was quite a family occasion, with children and adults celebrating the party. Also a very good buffets and cake, we were very privileged to be invited!

Music was a variation of classics, Living On Love, Poor Boys Blues and even Trashy Woman, with popular Louisiana Way, Tulsa Time and Good Hearted Woman!

Rosie always gets a couple of encores from the artists and tonight it was Catfish Jones and The Race Is On.

The cake was absolutely delicious!

No Regrets

Kickin’ Country

At Rosie’s we enjoyed the duo, Kickin’ Country. Brian Cox, a local fellow, married to the lovely Sylvia McMasters, who is also Sylvan Promotions, and from Wales, Chris James.

They started off with the Lennerockers song, High Class Lady, bring the many line dancers straight on the floor, snd they stayed there all night. Again i must say I admire the energy of all the dancers!

The very fast number Billy Be Bad and slowing down the tempo with All My Exes.  We saw the gents taking it in turn singing the lead and harmonising. Love Trip was coupled with Write This Down, then slowing the tempo down again with Same Thing Happened To Me.

It was a very varied programme with lovely guitar play, Chris excelled his guitar play so much, that even Brian bowed to him in admiration.

Just mentioning a few more outstanding songs were: Ace In The Hole, Corn Don’t Grow, Rockabilly Rebel and Old Soldiers Die Hard, finishing the night with the popular tune I Just Want To Dance With You.

3rd Sunday Club, West End

Martin Jaye

A must for me to go to the 3rd Sunday club in West End, Bisley for the show of one of my favourite singers, Martin Jaye, who travelled from Kent, and he started the show with 1st Fool In Line. We enjoyed watching the dancers, and Martin’s Lovely wife Maria was leading the pack! Some different songs tonight with Carnival Ride, Little Sister and Love Trip. But also popular country tunes with Same Thing Happened To Me, Just Want To Dance With You and Champagne Promise. Several fans showed up. Carla and Sue, had their photo taken with their idol. The night passed  quickly with songsPlaces, Messed Up In Memphis and Noon Moon, with encores: Gypsy Queen and Billy be Bad.

Tradesman’s Arms, Farnborough

Dan McHugh

Through the power of Social Media we learned that an Irish entertainer is doing the rounds in London and around our area, playing in pubs and clubs, and two weeks previous he was in the Old Ford near Ash Vale and this time we saw him in the Tradesman’s Arms in Cove, Farnborough. We got there early to get a word with him, but he turned up shortly before he was due to play and had time to set up all his gear and sound system.

Showing his true Irish colours, he started with Tell Me Ma, and going into country with Your Some Trucker and then Folsom Prison. Gong back to Irish with Galway Girl and a surprise for me was Red Rose Cafe, which brought memories from home back.

Soon three fit looking girls were doing some steps and rocking the night away.

After an hour of good variation of Country, Irish and popular we had a break and Dan disappeared for a while to get much needed food, so we decided to leave and look out for him a next time.

Fairlands Social Club, Guildford


We were on our way to see the line dancing event from Andy Arizona, who had booked the duo Cheyenne.   Having seen his event previously in the Fairlands Social Club nr Guildford, we expected it to be there, but.. when we arrived we found a local treasure in the Club Bar,  Fairland’s very own Ukestra, the Ukerythmies! A 7 piece group of 5 ukulele players, 1 guitar and drums, playing a very acoustic set, no microphones, just the instruments and voices of the artists. All the numbers were short, like I remember from old times in Nashville. Starting their show off with the Beatles song, All My Loving, then Johnny Cash Folsom Prison. They had a good audience of all ages, families and many elderly people.

Talking to Steve, one of the artists I learned that they had only been together since March and started out as a hobby, but they are growing quickly on the club scene. To my amazement, just before we left they dedicated, I Don’t Look Naked Anymore, to me!

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