Rednecks, Chertsey

Texas Tornados

The first date in November, The Chertsey Rednecks turned straight away into a party night with the country Music/Line dancing/Comedy act of Texas Tornadoes - Pete Stothart and the virtuoso on guitar/keyboard, Stuart Payne.

Again we had the pleasure of seeing Judy Baily with her friends of Straight Lines dance classes present, who lead the dancers straight from the start. Music started with the ballad Take It easy, the more uptempo with Live Wire and back for a few of slow tempo songs, One More Last Chance and Holding Me. It was fun watching Pete dancing the night away, and he also joined the dancers on the floor and did his steps like a pro!

Stuart also took his turn singing the lead vocals so it was a night of very good music, fantastic instrumentals and lots of Fun!

H-Bar-C, Arborfield

Texas Gun

Again a superb Party Night when the Three Generations Team in Texas Gun, Grandfather George, Son George and grandson Ryan came to the H-Bar-C the first date in November. Their experience in music and entertainment spirals across many years. We used to attend their annual New Year festivals as well, and they still know how to keep us entertained with very good country music. George Senior just sits while playing on a stool and keeps us laughing with his quips and banter too.Music started with the classic, Past The Point Of Rescue, then another goodie with Loving All Night and the ballad Don’t Close Your Eyes, when even I took to the floor. Then I Swear and a more uptempo tune, Galway Girl. It just got better as the night progressed with Lisa Jane and the fun song Wagon Wheel!

We saw Chris Dunn and some of his band members enjoying the music and propping up the bar, and by the looks if it, they enjoyed themselves immensely!

Chris Dunne Band

Our visitor from the last week, Chris Dunne was performing with his six piece outfit: Chris himself singing lead vocals and harmonies, Roly Eales on lead guitar, Tom Brieley rhythm guitar, Nick Beverly on bass, Gerry Hogan on steel and Lee Feltham on drums, with Roly and Tom also taking over some of the lead vocals.

It was a full house with listeners and dancers having travelled quite some distance, and the band soon created a party atmosphere with fans singing along and having a wonderful time.

Their repertoire was very good and varied with having started the night of with Some Days You’ve Gotta Dance, Friends In Low Places and Roly singing lead with Lisa Jane. They certainly like Alan Jackson music singing Boot Skootin’ Boogie, Neon Moon.

More wonderful music came later with Cowboy Rides away,Toes, with some of it a capella, and even in the third set Achy Breaky Heart!

We rate Chris and band one of the best in the country, and are very privileged that they come to our club!

Rosie’s, Normandy

We decided to go to Rosie’s, because she was having the unique entertainer, Alan Gregory, who is retiring shortly to look after his wife who is suffering from  Parkinson’s Disease. Alan interludes his singing with short tales and jokes, creating a very happy and party atmosphere. His voice is strong and vibrant and he is an all seasoned artist. Playing also very much for the dancers, he attracted a full floor all night with Lay Low, Where Corn Don’t Grow, High Class Lady and Little Yellow Blanket. Later on we enjoyed American Kids, a Kenny Chesney song, Loosing Side Of Me and I Can Dream. After the interval members from the club presented Alan with a Good Bye gift and some kind words!

As always, Rosie managed to squeeze three encores from Alan with Soon, Johnny Be Good and 1st Fool In Line.

Alan Gregory

Dan McHugh

The Swan, Ash Vale

Irish Entertainer, Dan McHugh who mostly visits the pub scene, was at the Swan Restaurant/pub in Ash Vale, who have different act on every Friday, and again we enjoyed a mix of Irish, Country Rock and pop. I presented him with a Cross Country Magazine with his last report published in it, and he was very thrilled to see this and I am sure will follow this up!

Seeing us there I am sure he sang more country this night enjoying Rhinestone Cowboy, Country Roads, Kings Of The Road, The Gambler, Pretty Woman and even my all time favourite! Beautiful Body, with even requesting this.

Three of his lady friends/fans who had come all they way from Dublin were having a good time and singing along to most his music! Dan is a true professional entertainer and sure worth following.

3rd Sunday Club, West End

Ray Peters

The third Sunday club in West End, near Pirbright, Woking, had a change of act and we were presented with the very talented Ray Peters from Kent, who we have seen often as a full five piece band, but this time he went out solo, with his music backing and of course playing his guitar and playing music for the dancing circuit.

Starting the night with Talk Is Cheap, and playing and singing good tunes like Baby I’m Right, Good Hearted Woman which always reminds me of Tommy Jennings, Waylon’s brother and writer of most of the songs Waylon is so popular for on an occasion we were staying in a hotel in Nashville and Tommy was playing in the bar and of course this was the high light of our stay!

This night we were teated to a wealth of songs from Keith Whitley, Don’t Close Your Eyes to the Lennerockers High Class Lady. At my request he sang My Beautiful Body, which also brings many memories back from the Belllemy Brothers.

Tradesman’s Arms, Farnborough

Dan McHugh

Through the power of Social Media we learned that an Irish entertainer is doing the rounds in London and around our area, playing in pubs and clubs, and two weeks previous he was in the Old Ford near Ash Vale and this time we saw him in the Tradesman’s Arms in Cove, Farnborough. We got there early to get a word with him, but he turned up shortly before he was due to play and had time to set up all his gear and sound system.

Showing his true Irish colours, he started with Tell Me Ma, and going into country with Your Some Trucker and then Folsom Prison. Gong back to Irish with Galway Girl and a surprise for me was Red Rose Cafe, which brought memories from home back.

Soon three fit looking girls were doing some steps and rocking the night away.

After an hour of good variation of Country, Irish and popular we had a break and Dan disappeared for a while to get much needed food, so we decided to leave and look out for him a next time.

Fairlands Social Club, Guildford


We were on our way to see the line dancing event from Andy Arizona, who had booked the duo Cheyenne.   Having seen his event previously in the Fairlands Social Club nr Guildford, we expected it to be there, but.. when we arrived we found a local treasure in the Club Bar,  Fairland’s very own Ukestra, the Ukerythmies! A 7 piece group of 5 ukulele players, 1 guitar and drums, playing a very acoustic set, no microphones, just the instruments and voices of the artists. All the numbers were short, like I remember from old times in Nashville. Starting their show off with the Beatles song, All My Loving, then Johnny Cash Folsom Prison. They had a good audience of all ages, families and many elderly people.

Talking to Steve, one of the artists I learned that they had only been together since March and started out as a hobby, but they are growing quickly on the club scene. To my amazement, just before we left they dedicated, I Don’t Look Naked Anymore, to me!

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