Third Sunday Club, West End

Wilson Brothers

The Westend Club  also had an extra show with the Wilson Brothers, who have been voted recently Nr 1 Everley Brothers Tribute band in UK and Europe. We had seen them last November backed by the Dutch band The Weiners. This time they brought their own backing band who were: Connor on lead guitar, Callum on bass and Chris on drums.

As well as their own songs, they sang many numbers the Everley Brothers used to sing on their dates, like Rock Around The Clock, Lucille, Blue Suede Shoes and Cathy’s Clown. If you see them advertised near you, be sure to go because next year they will be the stars of a new musical production, Walk Right Back, backed by the same people who started That’ll Be The Day, which had been running for over 30 years!

H-Bar-C, Arborfield

Mary Rose

The first date in May had Irish songstress, now living in London, Mary Rose, visit the H-Bar-C. She was backed by Andy on lead guitar, Danny on bass and Dennis on drums. Mary has a very strong, powerful voice and sings pure country, with just a little Irish, and started off her programme with Try A Little Kindness, then the girly number, Good Girls Gonna Go Bad and giving over the lead singing to Danny with Last Thing On My Mind. Another beautiful song for lady singers was Coalminers Daughter.

Danny sang later a few more songs, Song Of Heart Breaks and 14 Karat Mind, which made a good variation to the night’s entertainment. 

More good music came in the next and third sets, Silver Threads And Golden Needles, a waltz medley including Old Flames, and the Country hit, Walk In The Room.

Mary Rose makes the night fly by and too soon it was the encore with Stand By Your man and Take Another Piece Of My Heart. She was surrounded by fans at the end of the night, thanking her for a good night.

Just saw on FB that Philomela Begley, with a similar strong voice as Mary Rose, has been on the road for 50 years.

Aubrey Lovejoy

Aubrey Lovejoy, backed by a five piece band, helped us celebrating the H-Bar-C’s 34th Anniversary in style. Backing artists were Les Randleman on lead guitar, John Holst on keyboard, Richard on bass, Dave Heywood on steel and Pete Haye on drums.

As expected we enjoyed many classics songs, Little Bit Of Hank In Me, medleys including: I Can’t Help, Take These Chains and Your Cheatin' Heart, Living On Love and Good Hearted Woman.

After the second interval we celebrated the annual presentation of gifts, bubbly and flowers with money collected from the guests.

We had quite a few artists in tonight helping us party, Harry T, Ian Highland, Pat Nugent and Mary Rose, and Chas Bartlett, all having a good time.

More classic country in the last set with Just Because, Stars On The Water, Kawliga and the ultimate encore, You Need A Man Around Here.

Third Sunday Club, West End

Billy Curtis & Sammi

The Westend Club had an extra day on April 30, and the booked artist was Billy Curtis from Swindon, who brought along his beautiful partner, Sammi Lee Bassey, who, although not booked, was good to help Billy with some songs during the night. She told me that Billy recently had been unwell and that he treasured her help, which was also our good fortune, as she has a beautiful voice to match her appearance.

During the interval the couple chatted to us and told us that they are going to Denmark and France this year. Also they are working on their own material for a CD to bring into Europe. Sammy told us that Billy has now been touring for  30 years, because he started on the road as a young teenager.

On the night they did a lot of popular material, Remember Me?, Messed Up In Memphis and Love Somebody Like You all with Billy’s superb guitar playing. Then some rarer songs, If You’re Going Through Hell and Boat To Liverpool!

In the second set the same pattern with Disappearing Tail Lights, Lay Low and Tempted, the Love Trip and when Sammi joined Billy we enjoyed some girly songs with Suds In The Bucket and Stripes. 7 Nights To Rock finished a very entertaining show.

Rosie’s, Normandy

Johnny Holland

Kay ‘D’

Rosie’s club had, from Wolverhampton, Johnny Holland, who also attracted a full house, especially of dancers. who must have known Johnny from the past, because he had been at the club only last December.

Having started off the night with the ballad, It Must Be Love, Johnny included quite a few slow songs, with Missing You, and a new number to me, Champagne Promise.

Another rare song It’s Alright To Be A Redneck, then some very popular Talk Is Cheap, The Breeze and You Take Me Places.









Again at Rosie’s for the last Saturday in the month, we enjoyed from Norfolk, the lady with the beautiful strong, clear voice, Kay D. She had her new beau, from Aldershot,  DJ Lee Kitchen, who of course joined into the line dancing.

Kay told me that there is a new album planned the Autumn with all tunes for the dancers.

Opening with the line dancers favourite, Ribbon of Highway, Kay D sang Closer, Little Yellow Blanket, and some love songs, Loving All Night and Love Somebody Like You.  Her voice is perfect for Need You Now. She treated herself and us to some non dancing songs such as Half Broke Heart’s Still Broke and Burning House before ending with Don William’s First Fool in Line.

Rosie always manages to get a couple of encores, and tonight they are, Something In The Water and Louisiana Saturday Night.

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