Rednecks, Chertsey

Steve Lovett

Chertsey Rednecks had a musical party with Steve Lovett who drove from near Windsor, so not too far to travel, so he was nicely set up to start his music with Good Hearted Woman, and had the dancers on the floor straight from the start. Judy Baily had her followers again to attend and dance, and they all brought lighted tambourines which really lit up the event!

Music followed with the Fireman, Missing, and Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down with the dancers finding steps of all songs.

Slowing it down with Just To See You Smile, following this with a very good repertoire of Country Music.

We had a chat during the break and Steve told me that he has an album out called Building Bridges and working on an album with all original music, he has got his own studio and already five song recorded of the 10 songs planned.

The night turned into a very festive Christmas party with people dancing singing along and Steve played a few Christmas medleys, finishing a very good night with Merry Christmas to Everyone!

H-Bar-C, Arborfield

Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes made his Christmas visit, with his five piece band, so there were 6 musicians on stage, Dusty doing most of the lead vocals and playing guitar, Terry Bass guitar, Doc piano, banjo and guitar, Mike guitar and Kevin steel, and all held together by John on drums.

Music was all very popular songs like Good Hearted Woman, Bunch Of Thyme, Back In Love By Monday and Workingmen’s Blues, with a crescendo of instrumental music, and this was jus one the first set. A couple of songs about the Moon were Neon Moon, and Blue Moon Turns To Gold. and a few songs linked together were Me And Booby McGhee and Hokey From Muskogee. Fans had travelled from far to see their favourite band who of course also included a few Christmas carols and we had a proper sing along!

Too soon the usual party piece of Dusty Rhodes, came along when he let the band play a tune and he turned up in his feather Indian head dress and suit with the song Ghost Riders In he Sky. Another encore followed with You’re Always On My Mind and we were all singing with I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas!

Martin Ruddy

Very Festive Celebrations at the H-Bar-C with the one and only Martin Ruddy and his buddies, Tony Collins on lead guitar, Darryl Stewart on bass, and Dave Webb on drums, who took over also many lead vocals and joined into all the harmonies!

As always many songs were strung together into sets of the same tempo, which keep the dancers going. Like in the beginning we enjoyed Dixie Road linked with Oh Lonesome Me, The Chair with The Cowboy Rides Away with a third song One Night At the Time and the last festive song in the first set: Galway Girl.  

My favourite in the second set was a lengthy version of Red Rose Cafe. Of course we heard also medley of Christmas songs, and Irish with Pretty Little Girl From Omagh, Rock’n’Roll , All Shook up, Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog, which again kept the fans dancing. But the real party was was when the guests started the Hoaky Cocky around the dance floor. Just the top of celebrations! Of course some of the Ruddy fans joined Martin on stage at the end for a good sing along. It is just too hard to explain fully peoples fun and enjoyment, but I feel everyone left in a true Christmas spirit.

Rosie’s, Normandy

Chris Kenward

At Normandy Social Club, Rosies, had a change of artists and, because we had not seen Chris Kenward for a while, we decided to enjoy his music,

Lee Kitchen from Farnham was there and he already had his monthly date with Gone Country. We saw on line that this was well attended with a very enjoyable Christmas party!

Chris started his music with Some Girls Will, then Blue Blue Tree and A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome, so some different tunes to the normal ones we hear.

There was a smaller but very festive attendance with guests dancing and singing along and also having some festive food to enjoy.

We again had a chat during the break, Chris and wife Cindy old us that normally they travel in their new motorhome to gigs, (though tonight was fairly local) and that Chris changes his shirt for every set.

At the start of the last set, Rosie asked for a request and joined Chris on stage to sing: These Boots Are Made For Walking proving she has a very clear good voice and it was a real treat!

Also she got two encores from Chris at the end of the night, The Losing Side Of Me and Vertical Expression.

Roots & Wings

Christmas party time at Rosie’s, Normandy Social Club with two acts, the fairly local duo, Kelly and husband Michael Corbett, Roots and Wings, and from Wrexham,  Darren Jones.

Kelly, seasonably dressed in Father Christmas dress, Roots and Wings started the night with the girlie song, Suds In A Bucket, this followed with Baby I’m Right and, a winner on the line dancing scene, Champagne Promise.

Darren Jones followed with a few hits, Lay Low, Billy be Bad,You Take Me Places and Here Comes My Baby, and many more songs with the line dancers busy doing their steps, many dressed the party scene.

DJ Lee Kitchin looked after the interval music and played many requests. The interval was with a very festive food provided by Rosie’s team of dedicated helpers.

Darren joined Roots & Wings for the second set and being truly professional they blended very well together.Music was with Just To See You Smile, Rose Garden, Mr Man On The Moon and Talk is Cheap, again music for dancers and listeners alike.

We saw a good finish with Half Way To Paradise and Last Living Cowboy.

Darren Jones

Micky Page

Back to the Normandy Social Club run by Rosie and her dedicated helpers, we had an extra date, the 23rd December with music from solo artist, Micky Page, who brought along his lovely wife Hazel and friends. He travelled from Fareham, which is maybe an hour away on a quite night.

Music started with White Sports Coat, which had a deluge of dancers straight from note one. popular tune on the line dancing circuit followed: Just To Make You Smile, Margaritaville and a song from the past, Rhinestone Cowboy.

Micky’s songs were also very good to listen to and it was good to hear some songs revived from the past like Penny Arcade, Act Naturally and Ace In The Hole, plus the lovely ballad 18 Yellow Roses. Of course we also heard and sang along with some seasonable songs, which was mixed with She Only Loves Me For My Willy (Willy Nelson!).

Micky hit the high notes with the Roy Orbison song Leah and a pop/Country tune, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. ending the night with 2 encores, Man In The Moon and California Blue!

3rd Sunday Club, West End

Gone Country

The next day was the 3rd Sunday Party with organisers Nigel and Sue and the local band, Stu Edwards and Gone Country. Backing Stu tonight are James Taylor on lead guitar, Chris Robins on bass, Arwen lead and backing vocals and Dave Hill on drums. Having recently undergone surgery, Stu did not show this and his performance was top class, walking the floor while playing and singing their signature tune, Gone Country. Arwen soon took over with I Feel Lucky and it was a true glamorous show. There were many fans in tonight who had travelled to see their favourite artists, we saw

Harry T, James Dad and Stu’s Mum Debbie and father Ted.

Some of their songs were: Mona Lisa, The Fireman, Country Roads and of course a Johnny Cash medley and Arwen joining as June Carter with Jackson. Also being this party season we enjoyed Christmas medley.

A very lengthy medley as encore finished this festive occasion with Country Music In My Soul, Great balls Of Fire, and Johnny B Good.

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