Rednecks, Chertsey

Ray Peters

The Chertsey Rednecks continues with monthly dates of first Monday in the month till December, which is due to Stu Edwards booking dates with different artist to help Cliff make the club a success!

In August we had Ray Peters coming from Kent doing a solo performance, and his smooth clear voice and backing music did shine!

With Judy Bailey, the award winning line dance instructor bringing some of her friends along the floor was full all night!

Music from Ray was also very updated, with Workingmen’s Blues starting off the night, we enjoy Guitars And Cadillacs, Good Heart Woman and Talk Is Cheap.With Vertical Impressions, we heard the second verse in Spanish, which showed the knowledge of this artist.

A large raffle was organised by friend and visitor, Norma, and then we enjoyed the second set with People Are Crazy, You Take Me Places and a song which leaves me always emotional, When The Next Teardrop Falls, from Freddy Fender, who we met years ago at the Dutch Floralia Festival, and who has left a lasting memory.

H-Bar-C, Arborfield

Carole Gordon, with Dave Sheriff & Graham Walker

When Carole Gordon, Dave Sheriff with Graham Walker returned to the

H-Bar-C after a long time we knew it was going to be a good night and they pulled in a full hall. But it exceeded all our wishes, because they did not just a presentation of music, they presented a complete show and created the atmosphere we had not had for a long time. Guests danced, sang and even did some line dancing once Dave unleashed Red Hot Salsa!

We saw the dancers twirling around and it was One Big Party!

We enjoyed quite a few songs we had not heard for a long time, like, Tell The Truth linked with Making Love To You and Cool Clear Water, back to back with Red River Valley.

Dedicating the song to the recently deceased Glen Campbell was Rhinestone Cowboy.

Carole sang for us in her beautiful strong, slightly husky voice Crazy while

Dave played the keyboard, fiddle, trumpet and flute and also many tunes with his mouth organ, showing he is more than a One Man Band!

Carole is still on the road with her musical shows, Forever In Blue Jeans and   her tribute to Karen Carpenter.  I for one was quite touched with their version of Mississippi,

because the group Pussycat were my close neighbours in Holland and it brought fond memories back!

The night finished on a very high note, with the encore, Dave’s own Best Of Friends when everybody linked arms, forming a circle and singing along!

As they left many were asking where the night went!


Again the very professional trio, Kalibre who are Bob Reed, Bob Dixon and has musician Sara Curran on keyboard and vocals at the H-Bar-C for another full house.

Starting off the night with a rarely sang number, When You Leave This Way, and then to the popular songs, Tear In My Beer, Stars On The Water, and Vertical Impressions , Horizontal Desires.

They were all in very good from, made their fans dance and sing along.

It got even me on the floor with the George Strait song The Cowboy Rides Away, and pleasing me and their fans with another from his great singer, The Chair. Also Alan Jackson was also quite popular and they did two if his songs in a row, Neon Moon and Don't Rock The Jukebox. It was a thrill when Bob Dixon played the instrumental, Mansion On The Hill and every body sat and listened, instead of dancing. As always when you are having a good time, the night flew by and at the end of the night we enjoyed the Elvis rock songs, Don’t Be Cruel and All Shook Up, followed by a few ballads, I Told You So and Loving All Night , with the encore, Harvest Moon.

Third Sunday Club, West End

Chris Harris

The third Sunday club in the Social Club In West End, Pirbright, Surrey had an extra date at the end of July, with the Gentleman of country music, Chris Harris, on his last day of his three days weekend tour.

Chris managed to fill the dance floor all night with the line dancers, playing suitable music to dance to and us listeners alike.  The night began with Don’t Rock The Juke Box, then Fire Man and followed by Same Thing Happened To Me, and the tear jerker The Cowboy Rides Away, when the pattern  changed to slow smoochy dancing.

Chris told us little jokes or details about his songs in between numbers and a revival song, Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way, maybe not a line dance number, but the dancers found steps to all his music. A few more easy going songs are Take It Easy, Oh Lonesome Me and I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, sang with a lot of emotion.

As always, the night flew by, with the last dance being Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed, followed by many calls for more, and Chris obliged with two more numbers, Knock, Knock and To Make You Feel My Love.

Westline Country , Farnham

Another visit to the monthly club, Westline Country in Seale & Sands RBL, set in the beautiful countryside in Surrey, just South of The Hogs Back and run by Lee Kitchen. They had Julie Dawn from Norfolk, who used to go out as a trio. Julie uses powerful backing tracks to accompany her vocals, playing the guitar,

Starting of her vocals with Just To See You Smile, the Vertical Expressions and Girl Crush, non-stop music , with just a few words, telling us about the music she played.

In the interval she came for a chat, remarking that I looked familiar, but could not think from where? This was also my opinion but later Tom said it was at one of Roy Coopers events in Butlins Skegness.

The night flew by with many more classy songs, 1st Fool In Line, some songs were linked together, Jack To A King/ Take These Chains/ and Singing The Blues with High Class Lady and Blue Roses finishing off the second set with more good music to follow.

Julie Dawn

Rosie’s, Normandy

We were advised by line dancing members to come early when Alan Gregory was visiting Rosie’s club, and this was well advised, because very soon the hall filled up and even the back room was occupied. It was the busiest I had seen it and as soon as Alan starting singing, counting the dancers in, the floor filled up! Singing all very popular songs, and playing his guitar at full strength, also sometimes he did a little banter between numbers which made his fans riffle or laugh out loud. Alan certainly had a masterful communication with his fans. I realised he is so popular because of his his cheeky grin, very infectious!  His night had started off with Here Comes My Baby, Love Her For A While and Talk Is Cheap, followed by High Class Lady, a bit later some more up dated tunes, Places and American Kids, then Champagne Promise, and the dane floor was full all the time, such a pure Energy!.

Alan Gregory

Dave Lesley

At Rosie’s on the last Saturday of the month, on a short tour of the South, we enjoyed the music for Dave Lesley all the way from Hull. We had met once before about two years ago when he played at Sylvan Promotions Taster, at Lakeside, but since then we have made friends on Social Media, which is a good way to keep in contact.

We came in a little late, so the music had started but Dave told me later that he started the night of with Branded Man, and Angelino, which had bought the dancers on the floor strait away. They were still doing their steps when we heard Tropical Depression, followed by Something Happened To Me and then Kiss An Angel Good Morning, all favourite songs for the dancers and us listeners alike.

In the second set we heard the country favourites, Ashes Of Love and the partner dance Tempted. It was good to see that Dave changed shirts for every set, which shows dedication and that he cares about his appearance.

His rendition of the popular Lennerockers High Class Lady reminded us of when we saw them in action in Holland.

Country Line Club, Slough

Chris Harris

Another night with the Gentleman of Country Music, Chris Harris, at Country Line Club, run by Roy Simmons in Slough, which for me was a happy surprise, because another act was advertised,

For Chris it was also a happy occasion, because his daughter and grandson, who live in Stevenage, were there to enjoy his performance.

Chris started his show with Just To See You Smile, which brought the dancers on the floor from the first note. This followed by tune which are all popular to the line dancers and listeners alike, Honky Tonk Life, Billy Be Bad and Missing. When The Cowboy Rides Away came a few minutes later the dancers changed to the normal steps, holding on to their partners!

2 more dates and it would be back home to Wales. A couple more slow dances with The Fireman and Knock Knock.

The presentation was first class and we all went home truly satisfied!

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